We've got a smile painted on all the time

no matter what it's like on the inside

16 February
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me 22 year old college student. associates degree after fall 2009. loves studying history, sociology, psychology, political science. obsessed with the BRUINS and LOST. love my mini dachshund Cammi. highly medicated. easily amused. puzzles. crafting. icons, gifs, and internet fun.
♥tv lost, house, it's always sunny in philadelphia, the colbert report, the daily show, michael & michael have issues, the soup, friends, will & grace, family guy, south park, futurama, intervention, that 70s show
♥movies miracle, star wars, wet hot american summer, i heart huckabees, a clockwork orange, the shawshank redemption, fight club, jurassic park, anchorman, pulp fiction, the outsiders, the might ducks, empire records, heathers, a nightmare on elm street, peter pan, finding nemo, the lion king, aladdin, cinderella, beauty & the beast.
♥music against me!, ratatat, arcade fire, sublime, belle & sebastian, pavement, led zeppelin, voxtrot, michael jackson, death from above 1979
♥books the perks of being a wallflower, valley of the dolls, brave new world, the great gatsby, ordinary people, & anything by david sedaris and chuck klosterman
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